Dead Adjective Walking

All the talls in the office were standing around the water cooler, sharing some interestings. The smarts had a meeting with the leaders about the tidys cleaning the desks midday. The funny tall kept making jokes about the lonely stinky, and the talls all laughed because we’re also all observants. The lighthearteds played music while we all worked, and it’s sound was enriching behind the loud buzz of all we represented. The lazy switched the channel to see the beautiful breaking the news story. She handed the interested over to the serious, who was live at the scene. A white had shot a black in Missouri, and the black had died. And then we all looked around, and we weren’t so tall anymore. We weren’t interesting, smart, tidy, funny, observant, or serious. And we certainly weren’t live at the scene. We were just blacks and whites, trapped in a box, like so many crayons. And the music sounded flat, because that was all we heard. And our vibrant colors faded, because that was all we saw.


What I Can’t Understand

Bobby got caught in the lot smoking pot
with DeWayne in his car in LA
Well, Bobby is fired and can’t get re-hired
But Dewayne, yeah, we put him away.
Tina’s a mom and she’s paying for school
but you know she’s still kind at her core.
Yeah, Tina just strips (at the moment) for tips
but that Ebony girl is a whore.