1437 Oak Grove Court

He prodded her in every sense. “It’s okay. Cum for me, gorgeous. I know this is what you really wanted.”

She let out a moan. She was going for guttural, but it sounded more like a presidential candidate speech: completely false. Much like the masses, he fell for it. He landed on her too hard, panting his grand finale. Finally, the deed was concluded.

Mary Beth waited for his heavy body to push off of her like the side of a swimming pool. “Thanks for your time,” she said. “You’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. They’ll be the perfect shade of always-tan. It’s like winning the genetic lottery, really.” She let her dress fall back down over her buttocks and wiped herself with her panties, disposing of them in his adjoining master bathroom.

He looked confused. The situation was unusual, but she had explained everything before they started. He didn’t speak a word.

“Anyway, like I said, thanks for your time. Really, thanks.” She started out the door, looking back to see if he was following. She saw him fall into a bedroom armchair, puzzled at the encounter. Perhaps he could sort it all out better than she.

Mary Beth turned the knob and exited the house at 1437 Oak Grove Court.


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